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For the People 

For the People  - (2018)

Set in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) Federal Court, aka "The Mother Court," the legal drama follows brand new lawyers working for both the defense and the prosecution as they handle the most high profile and high stakes cases in the country - all as their personal lives intersect.

Release: 03/14/2018

IMDB: 6.3

Genders: Drama

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 23

Time: 43 min

Updated: 3 hours ago

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English TV (yesterday)

English TV (yesterday)


The Looming Tower 

The Looming Tower  - (2018)

Tracing the rising threat of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, it takes a controversial look at how the rivalry between the CIA and FBI inadvertently might have set the stage for the tragedy of 9/11 and the war in Iraq.

Release: 03/02/2018

IMDB: 7.7

Genders: Drama

Countries: English

Subtitles: 48

Time: min

Updated: 7 hours ago

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Fanny and Alexander

Fanny and Alexander - (1982)

Two young Swedish children experience the many comedies and tragedies of their family, the Ekdahls.

Release: 12/17/1982

IMDB: 8.1

Genders: Drama

Countries: English, Swedish, German, Yiddish

Subtitles: 35

Time: 188 min

Updated: 18 hours ago

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Miss Hammurabi 

Miss Hammurabi 

Park Cha Oh Reum works as a rookie judge. She is in her mid-20's and follows "an eye for an eye" principle. She does not accept prejudice or blindly follow authority. Dealing with cases, she and her colleagues, including Im Ba Reun, grow as people.

Release: N/A


Genders: Drama

Countries: Korean

Subtitles: 9

Time: min

Updated: 21 hours ago

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Luna - (1979)

While touring in Italy, a recently-widowed American opera singer has an incestuous relationship with her 15-year-old son to help him overcome his heroin addiction.

Release: 09/30/1979

IMDB: 6.7

Genders: Drama

Countries: English, Italian

Subtitles: 9

Time: 142 min

Updated: 22 hours ago

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The Mouth Agape

The Mouth Agape - (1974)

Monique is dying. Around her gather her unfaithful husband, her son, who is like his father, and her daughter-in-law. We observe them playing with life as she dies.

Release: 05/08/1974

IMDB: 7.6

Genders: Drama

Countries: French

Subtitles: 3

Time: 82 min

Updated: yesterday

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Black White Love: Siyah Beyaz Ask 

Black White Love: Siyah Beyaz Ask 

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Release: N/A


Genders: Drama

Countries: Turkey

Subtitles: 24

Time: min

Updated: yesterday

Turkish N/A (yesterday)

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Turkish N/A (14 days ago)

Casa de Lava

Casa de Lava - (1995)

The film tells a story of Mariana, a nurse who leaves Lisbon to accompany an immigrant worker in a comatose sleep on his trip home to Cape Verde. The devoted Portuguese nurse took a journey only to find herself lost in abstract drama.

Release: 02/10/1995

IMDB: 7.1

Genders: Drama

Countries: Germany, France, Portugal

Subtitles: 5

Time: 110 min

Updated: yesterday

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The Path - First Season

The Path - First Season - (2016)

Release: 03/31/2016

IMDB: 7.6

Genders: Drama

Countries: English

Subtitles: 361

Time: min

Updated: yesterday

Farsi/Persian N/A (yesterday)

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The Willow Tree

The Willow Tree - (2007)

Youssef, a blind university professor, is suddenly diagnosed with a fatal disease and must undergo treatment in France. Back home, will he find the life he had before?

Release: 08/03/2007

IMDB: 7.5

Genders: Drama

Countries: Iran

Subtitles: 12

Time: 96 min

Updated: yesterday

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